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Business Description

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Debbie! The Founder, Director and Head Trainer at Potter paws, an independent Dog Training School. I also host a weekly podcast to support people's journey with their dog! I (currently) have three retrievers and share life with two teenage daughters and my husband - so I have experience of welcoming both children and puppies into a household and all the many tribulations this brings!

My passions include puppies, loose-lead training and scent detection. I've recently written a book to guide people through the first challenge of having a puppy - overcoming puppy biting!

I am passionate about coaching families to be successful in their dog-parenting role and helping create confident, skilled humans and dogs to make every day life a little easier - ensuring you and your best friend have the best life together.


Potter Paws - Dog Training & Coach in Aylesbury, Bucks

At Potter Paws, we believe in making dogs lives happier and owners lives a little easier.
We aim to increase your knowledge and skills with a variety of training opportunities to give your dog the skills needed to be a cherished member of your family. Our methods are ethical and reward based.
We believe that training is for life, not just for puppies, and our biggest reward is making sure you have a happy, fulfilled and healthy dog who makes your family complete.

We offer a variety of group training classes and 1-2-1 programmes and have something for everyone, from puppies through to senior dogs. Whether your dog pulls on the lead, doesn't come when called or you just want to have some fun.


A safe space to relax!

We also manage a dog walking field which provides a fun fenced space to enjoy quality time with your dog without having to come into contact with other walkers or worry about recall.

The Potterings is a 2.2 acre space with a variety of activities to enjoy


This isn't just another dog training podcast!

The Dynamic Dog Owner podcast aims to empower dog owners and inspire them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives with their beloved canine companions.

Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a first-time puppy parent, this podcast is your go-to resource for building confidence, strengthening the human-dog connection, and unlocking a world of joy and success in life with dogs.


Accreditations & Qualifications

Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers since 2016

Finalist - Best Business Women Awards in Animal Services 2023