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DL Moss Counselling
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DL Moss Counselling Counselling & Psychotherapy
I am a qualified counsellor working with clients 11+ years. I’m looking for friends, colleagues, relatives who are looking to work-out and explore any

Business Description

I am a qualified counsellor working with clients from 11 years old and upwards. I work online, by phone and in person. I am also a co-founder of The aMAZing Therapy Centre with other counsellors and an operations manager, to be able to offer counselling to a wider geographic area and affordable talking therapy to those that may need it.

Many people can benefit from talking through their thoughts and feelings and do not have to feel that they are in a crisis to do so. It could be that you would like to untangle your thoughts in a calm and safe environment with no judgement. It may be that you are looking for someone to ask the right and relevant questions of you to help make sense of your world and relationships. 

Accreditations & Qualifications

B.Sc Neurobiology

Doctorate in Behavioural Psychopharmacology (Ph.D)

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Certificate of Proficiency (CoP)

Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP)