Simon Plews, Seeking Perfection Marketing Ltd

Business Description

Seeking Perfection Marketing was founded in 2019 by Simon Plews. Simon had spent the majority of his career working in marketing roles in tech companies including Adobe, McAfee, Oracle and Tektronix.

With a mixture of practitioner and senior management positions he had come to know the digital marketing landscape extremely well, and had witnessed the same approach being used to accelerate growth through digital marketing in those companies over a 15 year period.

He then realised that this same approach could be used for the benefit of newly minted companies, allowing them to harness digital channels and gain a foothold in a highly competitive market in the same way.

Simon is still at the helm of the agency, and it is now Seeking Perfection’s sole aim to help startups and scale-ups in the tech industry break free from their constraints and enjoy accelerated growth enabled by digital marketing.


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Accreditations & Qualifications

Diploma in Digital Marketing (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

BA (hons) in Marketing (University of the West of England)

Google Ads Search Certification (Google)

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Certified (LinkedIn)

Ex. Adobe, McAfee, Tektronix