Philip Rogers, PDR IT Solutions Limited

Business Description

We act as your external IT support company covering small to medium size businesses of all descriptions. 

From flexible pay as you go support to fully managed support plans, we pride ourselves on providing a solution that works for you. IT is a tool and not a hindrance, we take time to build a relationship with you which in turn enables us to deliver IT where you can see the benefits.

Supporting your business

We provide a transparent approach by supporting your business requirements. Our team are on hand to ensure all your computing needs are taken care of, so you can focus on the important stuff!

Grow your business

We know that a one size fits all package often doesn’t work and leads to frustration. Our mission is to deliver solutions where you can see the benefit and enable your business to grow. We grow with you, which results in you being at the forefront of your industry.

Knowledge Team

Our knowledge team have a wealth of experience in supporting SMEs. We understand that each of our client's requirements are unique, the PDR team care and have a proven track record.

Office 365 & Domain

Speak to us about Microsoft 365 packages that will transform your IT infrastructure. We support your 365 needs and look after your domain ensuring you're always available for your clients.

Tailored Support Packages

We provide an array of support packages to suit you from one time solution fixed pricing to full support. Speak with us to learn how we can help you.

All your requirements in one place

We pride ourselves on providing several services, what’s more we take care of all your IT needs, which allows you to focus on your business while we help to grow yours.