David Dunne, Baqus Construction & Property Consultancy

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Baqus Construction & Property Consultancy
Member of the Canterbury BoB Club

Baqus Construction & Property Consultancy Professional Quantity Surveyor
The Rear Office
114 High Street
Herne Bay
Developers, consultants & contractors who need assistance with construction projects in regard to costs, administration, health & safety, or disputes

Business Description

BAQUS brings together under one umbrella, a group of individual Surveying based businesses who are experienced in every sector of the Construction industry; with roots back to the 19th Century.

By harnessing the knowledge contained within these businesses we have propelled ourselves to the ‘cutting edge’ of our profession; becoming award-winning, forward looking and constantly driving for Continuous Improvement and success.

National Coverage
• In building our Group of companies we have established ourselves with true national identity, coverage and capability, so that we are aware of local markets.

Commercial Awareness
• We understand our Clients have a need to know that they have the right commercial agreement to represent a balance of price, quality and performance.

Collaborative Approach
• BAQUS is committed to working and engaging with all stakeholders to form a truly ‘collaborative project team’. We see our role as effectively managing our service, colleague firm’s, maximising innovation, securing the best service for our Clients and delivering excellent buildings that truly work well.

Innovation in Practice
• We support and are driven by innovation, resulting in us continually identifying solutions that provide Added Value and benefit to Our Clients. Our Clients like the fact that we constantly challenge the current status and this is acknowledged by the significant number of retained Clients and the resultant repeat business within our portfolio.

Socially Responsible
• We recognise our responsibilities to all our Stakeholders, including Clients, Staff, Communities, Investors and the wider environment. Our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and strategy is an integral part of the success of our company.

Green Solutions
• From the commencement of our business we have had great regard for the protection of the environment by promoting sustainable solutions. We want to maintain a healthy environment not only for today but for future generations. We pride ourselves on our ability to explore alternatives and have represented our profession in the global promotion of sustainability issues by harnessing new technology by successfully completing a variety of sustainability demonstration projects