Julian Field, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Utility Warehouse Discount Club Gas, Electricity and other services
52 St Swithins Road
I am interested in helping anyone who is serious about saving money on their utility bills, to do exactly that.

Business Description

Let me introduce you to the great benefits of joining Utility Warehouse. Membership gives you access to the best value utility services in the UK with everything on one single monthly bill, and a host of money-saving member benefits.

If you would like to save money, please contact me for more information.

My Recommendations

Julian has been most helpful in arranging the very smooth transfer of all of home utility services to one convenient monthly bill, we have also taken advantage of the cash back card to reduce our bills further.
Thanks Julian.

from Mark Bouch

Julian has saved myself and staff hundreds of pounds on our utility bills, and the great thing is you just get one easy to read bill every month rather than 4 separate ones that you can’t understand. Utility warehouse is a no brainer, no tie in and you save money on every purchase with their credit card. What’s not to like.
Thank you Julian

from Paul Deadmon