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Business Description

Hi, I'm Chris Norris and I'm a self employed financial planning specialist based in Formby. I'm passionate about changing people's perceptions around financial services, but more importantly I work tirelessly to educate people around the difference between myself and those traditionally awkward and generally unrelatable financial advisers!

I achieve this through my work with local business owners, their employees, friends and family - to develop an individual financial plan - whether that be managing debt, improving people's relationship with money, saving for the future, or implementing protection against injury and death. By providing holistic, 365 day support, that revisits the plan on a regular basis, I am able to take my clients on a journey to future financial freedom. 

The core of any financial plan, is identifying your current position. Using complex lifestyle modelling software, I work with clients to produce a roadmap for their future. By creating a number of different scenarios, the client can visualise the impact of small changes to their financial habits, such as making small increases to their workplace pension, adjusting their fund selection or clearing debts. Like with any plan, things get in the way, so we will meet regularly through the year to look at the impact of those changes and how best to limit the impact on the overall objective.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

BSc (Hons) Business & Management

Post Grad Certificate in Education & Training

Workplace Pensions Specialist