Droitwich Club Members

Andy Dyer
Mobile Apps
Beth Collett
Chamber of Commerce
Brett Humphreys
Cabling & Networks
Caroline Butcher
NLP Master Practitioner
Christian Sample
Business Technology
Christopher Newbould
Computer Hardware & Thermal printing
Claire Sargant
Legal Services/Solicitor
Elaine Meredith
Gin Distillery
Gary Smith
Hadleigh Burns
Helen Murray
Insolvency Consultant
Ian Cooney
Will Writing Service
Jake Willcox
Recruitment Consultant
Jo Morgan
Marketing Services
Jonathan Brook
High School
Keith Hearnshaw
Residential/Business Utilities
Larry Brangwyn
Digital Marketing
Laura Goodwin
Financial Adviser
Mark Hanson
Matt McVeigh
Mortgages & Insurance (Personal & Business)
Area Coordinator
Mike Jones
Health and Fitness
Neill Hall
Travel Consultant
Phil Fox
Sales & Presentation Training & Coaching
Phil Phelan
Rachel Green
virtual/freelance business support
Social Media Manager
Richard Frazer
Vehicle & Asset Finance
Regional Director
Richard Waltier
Commercial Insurance
Sacha Elsey
Education & Training
Simon Martin
Energy Consultant
Tristan Benjamin
Network Marketing/Health & Wellness
Tyna Collins
Property Designer & Developer
Will Kerton
Dairy Farm
Visitor Host