John Nicholson, Community Driving School C.I.C.

Business Description

How far in your career would you be without a driving licence?

Would you have the life you do if you hadn't been able to get your full UK driving licence?

People in our community are unable to afford driving lessons and this is where CDS comes in.  We rely on sponsorship from businesses and individuals to allow us to improve the lives of those in the most dire of circumstances.

If you want to get involved, contact me and become a proud supporter of the Community Driving School CIC. - Learn more here

Community Driving School CIC changes lives with back to work training and driving courses to make people more employable.

"Community Driven" is the name of our project that provides CV Writing, Interview Techniques, Confidence Building and other vital training along with complete driving courses to give people in difficulty the skills, experience and a full UK driving licence to get into employment.

We are about protecting those in our care whether a pupil paying for lessons or in a vulnerable place. We will protect you and your safety is our concern.

We have additional insurance to protect our students above the “standard” driving instructor insurance as well as having a “KCC approved Safeguarding Policy” and undergoing Safeguarding Training.