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Andrew Hill Creative Ltd Graphic Designer
9 Parliament Street
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Meet business owners with brand, marketing & communication challenges. Providing answers through creative design focused on strategy & results.

Business Description

We’ve worked in the creative industries for over a decade working with everyone from PLC’s to SME’s and everyone in between. As well as honing our skills to create well considered and commercial design. We’ve driven footfall to destinations, launched businesses and organised large events. In short, we can be trusted partners not just for your brand but also your business.

Our experience has led us to focus on four areas to best support people who collaborate with us. These are creativity, reliability, commerciality and personality. We are here to use them to work in partnership with you to make sector defining brands.

We’ve collaborated with brands and creative teams all over the world across a broad range of projects. From brand and product launch strategies to exhibition stands with hot air balloons and virtual reality experiences.

If you have a challenging project either in concept or delivery we are great to work with. We love making complicated and technical subjects simple and engaging and when it comes to the impossible we usually have a way of making it possible!


Our services

Your brand is one of the biggest assets of your business (and if its not, why not?). It’s the visual presence of you, your team, product and offer that tells the world what to expect of you, so nothing too serious right? This is why you need to find the right person to work with to ensure you are telling your story exactly as you want it told, in a way that strategically captures your audience and makes a difference. A brand has many stages in life, from launching your brand or product, to growing and evolving with your market and I can help you manage them all.


Printed comms are an investment not a cost. I have the know how to manage your budget effectively to ensure you get the quality and quantity you need. For many industries and sectors, printed and tactile marketing materials are a key part of the communication plan. I have broad experience in producing a wide range of printed material from day to day leaflets and magazines to premium, luxury product and corporate brochures. Check out my projects for some examples of what I can do.


Delivering a campaign can cover a broad range of work. But I can help at every stage, from the initial concepts to the roll out of a omni-channel campaign. I’ve worked across a broad range of clients helping them shape the concept of their campaigns for new product launches, seasonal campaigns, internal comms and more. Then collaborated with them to strategically roll them out, which has included TV and On Demand adverts, Google Ads and social campaigns as well as print and out of home advertising, leaflet drops and promotional items.


Your digital presence has never been more important than it is today, a keystone for every brand. It is your businesses shop window and keeps working 24/7,  I work with teams of digital wizards that means we can do anything, from budget friendly web presences to elaborate e-commerce Shopify stores and even AR and VR experiences. Using the latest software for design and having experience of working with multiple dev teams I am able to get the best out of a project. I’ve also worked on a number of apps from IoT tech to financial and banking apps.


One of my favourite places to be is on set with a film or photography crew, it comes from my love of surrounding myself with other creative people. But art directing is so much more than what happens on the day, its the vision, the planning and understanding the commercial aims of what we need to get. I work with some great photographers, who produce stunning work by themselves but having the creative that is going to use images and footage means you get exactly what you need and saves time and money on edits and reshoots in the future.  


When it comes to large scale installations for exhibitions, trade shows or events, alongside stunning designs, creative ideas and interactivity; detailed planning, experienced hands and reliable delivery is vital. My creative approach, focus on the details and attention grabbing ideas will ensure you stand out and meet new prospects. I’ve managed huge projects from multisite signage installations to trade show stands with a real hot air balloon. I work a team of experts to design and build stunning experiences that deliver the essential return on investments your business needs from these events.


So you’ve got the glossy brochure, the interactive website, the social strategy and the exhibition stand (with a bar) for your product launch but what about your presentation? Will your standard PowerPoint fit in with your other materials? How about getting an external pair of hands on it and levelling it up to fit with the rest of your amazing comms. Or maybe your growing team needs some template documents for proposals and tenders, I can help with a range of Word and Powerpoint templates or editable PDFs.