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Looking to speak with Businesses that are unhappy with the value that their current accountant delivers. Businesses that are looking for a competitive

Business Description

Business Description

Does Your Accountant Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage?

To gain a competitive advantage you need an Accountant that understands how to get you and your business to the next level.

Okay, so you’ve got so far, either you’ve done it completely on your own or you’ve had a little help. But to really move to the next level you need to start thinking and doing next-level actions. This is why Rule 29 is more than just a business accountancy service.  We have our own in-house business mentors and coaches as well as experts in management accounting, tax, and all things necessary to keep you compliant with HMRC. 

All our clients get the same five-star treatment.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new business or have been going for decades. You still need to know the numbers that matter in your business in order to be successful. This is why all our clients get their very own bespoke ‘Business Success Dashboard’, allowing them to get instant access to the numbers they need to know. This is not a typical accountant's tool but a pragmatic tool designed for even the most novice of business owners to understand.

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Improve your business and increase your sales and profits in just 45 minutes.

Our unique Business Profits Review highlights your customised’ growth opportunities’ and shows you exactly what to improve…

This is the Ultimate Business Profits Review Report…You’ll find out how your business is performing in the 5 areas which are key to building a HIGH-VALUE SELF-MANAGING BUSINESS.  This is not a ‘High Pressure’ sales presentation.  You’ll get your customised report to do with as you wish. If you want to work with us then great, but for us, the important thing is the value you’ll get from this Business Profits Review.

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