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Club testimonials from members

We have a friendly and thriving BoB club (Ipswich West), where members really do help and support each other; not just by passing referals but also by offering insight and advice in their field when needed. It really has proved to me that a group of business people who interact on a regular basis, who trust each others and who all have the same goals and ethos, can really help to grow each others businesses. It has certainly brought me new custom which I would otherwise not have had. - Nick Barber

I have been a member of bob clubs for  3 years.  It is the best way to network in a relaxed way and build up friendship and good working relation with fellow members.  The web site and SEO is very good, and we get enquires from this Website from people who are not BoB members, my Website has had  a combined hits of over 4000 visits.  It is very cost effective way for marketing and have more than covered my costs, and still get enquires from business and people who we have meet over the years.  Networking has assisted my company to ride this deep recession over the past 6 years, even after 47 years in business, as I find people prefer personal recommendation, rather that pin in a phone book etc.  The way of marketing has dramatically changed over the years and the BoB club concept is the best way  forward in marketing your company in these economic  times we are in. - Graham Barton
I have three other means of advertising my business, sign written van, Website,and word of mouth but the life blood of my Business is Ipswich West BoB club.  Most of the work that I have carried out over the past 18 months has come from recommendations from Ipswich West BoBs Club members or for Club members. I have indeed used the services of many members within the group.  Within the Ipswich West BoB Club membership we have a good deal of expertise and experience at hand which has proved most useful on occasion and has helped make my Business as sauces full as it is today. I find that the meetings that we have once a fortnight are motivational as well as informative. - John Bloomfield

The Ipswich-West BoB club has great rapport which you get as soon as you meet the group, one of the main attractions for joining this club for me.   The group consists of many diverse business owners, all whom seem to be able to recommend and refer business to each other.  It has been successful for me, so all I can say is come along to see for yourself. - Clare Hindle



Vacancies at this club

We are looking for founder members of the club in the following categories, these business owners usually receive a large amount of business from the other members.

  • Website Designer
  • Events Organiser
  • Will writer
  • PR Agency
  • Promotional Gifts Company
  • Business Relationship Bank Manager
  • Plumber
  • Graphic Designer

We also welcome visitors and members from other categories of businesses who wish to develop strategic and lucrative business relationships with other business owners.

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Ipswich-West BoB club

This club is part of the fast growing Breakfast networking organisation for businesses in the Ipswich, Stowmarket, and Needham Market area  Located just yards off the main A14 at the Bramford Golf Centre, overlooking the Suffolk Water Park.

What is BoB Club?

BoB Club is an influencer marketing business club enabling you to create relationships with key people, business owners and management of larger businesses who have influence in the market you wish to obtain business.

The club is all about creating relationships with key leaders to drive your brand's message to the larger market.  If you create a relationship with these key individuals, over time, they will be happy to refer a significant amount of business to you.

At BoB Club we emphasise QUALITY OVER QUANTITY encouraging members to focus on quality referrals, this leads to a more efficient and effective sales process saving you time and money.

BoB Club is a much more effective way of obtaining quality business rather than having to compete on price with other businesses in your market.

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Club information

Venue:Bramford Golf Centre
Loraine Way
Cost: Members: £12.00
Visitors: £12.00
Contact:Adrian Game
 Email Adrian Game
Telephone:07766-221771 or 01473-831138

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