Susie-K Brooks, Susie K Brooks Therapist

Susie K Brooks Therapist Combined Therapist
The Oasis at Birch Tree Cottage
School Lane
Sutton Valence
ME17 3HH
Specialist for Anxiety, Depression, Stress &/or PTSD. I have a toolbox of 5 proven therapies to tailor to resolve my clients issues.

Business Description

Specialist in Anxiety-Depression-Stress-PTSD, Resolving issues quickly and effectively. This A-Z therapy service is personally tailored to resolve issues with effective change work within 2-5 sessions, not weeks and months of just 'talking' about it. 

My qualifications are in Hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) at Master level, IEMT (integral eye movement therapy specifically designed for anxiety and PTSD), Metaphors of Movement Levels 1 & 2 plus am also a Personal and Life Coach.

Overlooking the Weald of Kent in Sutton Valence, we work together in a large well ventilated Garden Room and I am open for clients  take two minutes and see it on video at Whatever it is, come and talk to me, I offer a free consultation to see if you would like to work together. I am a good listener and together we can overcome anything. We all know from the inside when we, or those around us need help, so take a few minutes time to reach out and find out more. 01622 842248


My Recommendations

Susie, your brand new therapy tool is brilliant and it's in the best hands possible. Thank you for the amazing session of Metaphors of Movement. It shows that even a positive metaphor can be a starting point for bringing out issues in life. It is true that past few months have been stressful for me... When I began reflecting on the session and the questions that it revealed in front of my eyes... quite literally, I could see how my attitude of coping with stress had actually placed a barrier that restricted my progress. Your suggestions helped me to imagine myself rising above and then crossing the barrier in front of me... I was able to move towards the door in front of the room. The session has provided me with valuable insight and direction. Thank you once again! Best wishes for great work ahead!

from Gyana Geetha

I can highly recommend Susie for her services as for me, she has been highly effective at helping me unpack lots of emotional baggage I had been carrying around with me for many years.

Prior to seeing Susie I was sceptical about whether the techniques she uses would work on me......................They definitely did! In just 4 amazing sessions, my head feels clearer and more focused and I have been able to reduce the amount of medication I have been on for over 15 years and I have the confidence to come off it completely now too.

The studio Susie works from at her home, provides a lovely relaxing environment with the most amazing view over the Kent countryside.

The first step to a better life is to learn the tools to look after yourself mentally. In my experience Susie can definitely help you to find the tools and start that better life. Don't delay, contact Susie today!

from Matthew Collins

Accreditations & Qualifications

I trained with and I continue to train with the Association of Integrative Psychology for Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching and I am a member of the IEMT Academy, and The Association For IEMT Practitioners. I am Fully Insured and my local GP's Surgery and Physiotherapy Centre refer patients/clients to me for Mental Health. I am also Wellbeing Therapist for Phorest by SKYPE for over 5,000 business and their employees across the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.