Leroy Philbrook, Positive Action in the Community

Hills House
Leeds Road
Join Born Survivor on September 16th, get a free ticket, and help local individuals impacted by youth homelessness, domestic abuse, and mental health.

Business Description

Positive Action in the Community (PAC) was established in 1997 to meet the needs of the community, which were not being met through the statutory provision or by other organisations, particularly in the areas of youth homelessness, domestic abuse and mental well-being.

We are a local registered charity with the vision to have a community that gives the greatest opportunity for a safe, fulfilled and aspirational life, free from, homelessness,  domestic abuse and poor mental health.

To achieve this, we deliver a number of projects that include; supported accommodation, community-based support, support in educational settings, counselling, and training, and personal development opportunities.

All our services provide specialist support on an individual basis to empower people to build emotional resilience, improve their health and well-being, make positive choices, and to have fulfilled and independent lives.