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We're looking for SMEs who are struggling to tap into the potential of the internet & who want to grow their online profile & increase their revenue.

Business Description

There's no getting away from it; if you run a business, the internet is your new shop front. So what is your current online presence saying about you and your company?   


Over 90% of consumers will now search for a local business online before engaging with them offline. Yep, that's right, more than 90%! And even if your current customer base isn't tech savvy, how do you think the next generation of customers will find you? 


If you want to succeed in today's brutal business world - and if you still want to be succeeding in ten year's time - then you need to master the world wide web and harness it's, quite frankly, awesome potential. It may be an unpalatable truth, but it's unfortunately unavoidable. 


But, before you panic, none of this need cost you a fortune and neither need it be a chore. Here at GrowTraffic, we believe in empowering small to medium businesses to take on this modern Goliath and create an online presence that is both lucrative and sustainable. 


We'll show you how to do it, we'll teach you how to do it and, best of all, we won't charge you the earth for any of it.     


So if the internet is not currently one of your business' revenue streams, please get in touch with GrowTraffic today and we'll help you put that right.

My Recommendations

Rachel and her team provide a fantastic approach to SEO. They are extremely helpful and take the time to explain the technical world of Google etc. as well as offering a plan that fits in with your business requirements and budget. I particularly like their 'hand-holding and teaching' approach rather than just doing it for you or leaving you to it. I cannot recommend Grow Traffic enough!

from Paula Mulligan

Accreditations & Qualifications

Although now a Jack of all digital marketing trades, I am first and foremost a Copywriter and therefore more at home in the world of SEO copywriting specifically, and content marketing more generally.


Having loved reading and writing from the very beginning, I studied English Literature and Language at both GCSE and A-Level grades, culminating in a BA (Hons) English Literature degree, obtained in 2006.


Since then, the written word has been my trade and I have worked as a proofreader, editor, publisher, copywriter, blogger and content marketer ever since.


One day, I hope to return to university to complete my PhD in English Literature but, in the meantime, I'm happy to just keep reading and writing, and helping others to do the same.