Southend on Sea BoB club

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Strawberry Fields
Thanet Grange
Southend on Sea


Contact:Richard Catling

We are planning to open this club around September 2017 and we are currently taking applications for exclusive places from local businesses who would like to promote their products or services via word-of-mouth recommendation. This club will meet every TWO weeks To secure your place at any BoB club all you need to do is pay the one off Registration fee of £95+VAT Once your have registered as a member you will earn a £20 voucher which can be redeemed against next year's annual membership for each new member that you sponsor.

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Members of this club

Adam Davis
Palmers Solicitors
Daniel Knipe
Paperback Designs Ltd
Geri langton
Honey Legal
Graham Pearce
tbp architects
Howard Levy
Contract Cars
Joanne Boxall
Travel Counsellors
Marie Jack
Cobra Insurance
Paul Cullis
Partners Wealth Management
Richard Catling
Lighthouse MPS