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SME businesses that want help dealing with their suppliers, whether it be to reduce costs, review contracts, or simply getting hold of products and

Business Description

ADS Procurement & Supply Chain is a procurement consultancy based in the West Midlands. 

We work with SME businesses across the UK, primarily those based in engineering and manufacturing sectors. This said, procurement skillsets are transferable and we have worked in other sectors.

We try not to be too corporate as we recognise that SMEs need action and not words!

In summary, below are our main offerings:

1) Cost reduction activity with existing suppliers

2) Sourcing alternative suppliers, running request for quotation processes, then negotiating with potential new suppliers

3) Implementation of small scale digital procurement platforms. We aim to get you live within a few weeks rather than months! We know platforms that are very cost effective and built specifically to suit the bank balances of SME sized businesses.

4)  Managing difficult suppliers. Not many of our competitors do this as it is not sexy! This could take a few forms, such as improving relationships that have gone sour, progress chasing materials and parts, and working to resolve quality problems.

5) Contract drafting, negotiation and implementation. We have negotiated contracts with some of the largest corporations in the world so we know how this world works! We can create contracts from scratch, review contracts before you sign up with any suppliers or customers, and negotiate on your behalf with suppliers or customers.


We try to avoid spouting complex procurement theory (although we understand it as are professionally qualified) and swamping you with reams of Powerpoint presentations. Instead, we focus on taking action and getting you results.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain (MCIPS)

STEM Ambassador