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Impact Sales Coaching Sales & Presentation Training & Coaching
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To work with hungry business owners who want to increase their sales through gaining confidence and the technical skills to secure new business.

Business Description

Do you want to:


  • Increase your sales revenue and/or margin
  • Secure new customers
  • Retain your existing customers
  • Improve your sales confidence/resilience
  • Sharpen up on sales fundamentals such as negotiation skills, presenting, objection handling and closing
  • Overhaul your consultative questioning skills
  • Formulate a full sales pipeline
  • Create a sales strategy to help take your business to the next level


At Impact Sales Coaching we have a proven record of working with business owners and sales teams to help them realise the above.


Our training and mentoring offer is written to a mutual brief and milestone deliverables are agreed. In the world of sales, your every action can be accounted for and as such our training is no different.


We are big supporters of accountability and action. Client progress is tracked and any targets centre around the application of what we teach.