Richard Wilde, Software Development
20 Bramley Orchards
Having issues with data? Spending valuable time duplicating data input? I can help, I link systems together. I run a Software Development company.

Business Description

A Microsoft .net software development company

Serious business people need a serious business infrastructure.

When you first started out, you could get by with a basic website, a few spreadsheets and a lot of scribbled notes. You knew what was going on and you were able to react to the needs of the business. You were in control. But, as your business grows, that control is quickly lost. You struggle under a mountain of 'paperwork'; the website is no longer fit for purpose; and business opportunities are being lost.

You need a business infrastructure.

A launch-pad for growth

At, we have the understanding and expertise to help you build an infrastructure that will enable you to grow with confidence.

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses. And as a small business ourselves, we know exactly what it is like to move from start-up to growth.

You need to deliver a top quality, scalable customer experience; you need processes that your staff can deliver with confidence; and you need management information you can rely on.

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With tools you can trust

We have the expertise and tools to help. So, whether you need a full ecommerce web presence, effective business processes or have seen an opportunity for an ‘app’, we can deliver. Our software addresses real business problems and delivers real business benefit – from heavy duty websites to bespoke applications and successful software products.

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Please visit our website for more information, email us or call us on 01885 483006 for a free consultation.

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My Recommendations

Richard has a vast knowledge and experience about websites, constructing them, making them productive, search engine optimisation, hosting, you name it he can help you with it. Richard has always been able to give me good sound advice about websites when I've needed it, I would thoroughly recommend Richard.

from Mark Lees

Richard takes care of my website requirements and also my e.mail service. He is efficient and listens to my needs as well as giving sound advice. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of having a website to speak to Richard.

from Linda Ann Pitt

Accreditations & Qualifications

West Midland Supply Register

Microsoft Certified Developer