Ian Wade, WBS Copier & Printers

WBS Copier & Printers Copiers & Printers
Unit 2
Rowes Yard
Manston Business Park
CT12 5FA
We are looking for anyone requiring copiers/printers with support. With WBS just buy & load paper! Also now machines that are very green saving money,

Business Description

WBS Copiers & Printers from small to large machines.

I'm a service Technician and been in the industry for 35 years, not just another sales guy shifting boxes. I formed this company as a service driven professional, who over the years of working for other suppliers and working with some of the biggest organisations, it became clear I could do this far better. Too often the focus is on driving sales, and once the sale is complete not delivering the level of service promised. WBS are committed to providing high quality service and lower prices, without compromising quality.

Local supporting local!!! And with the office in Broadstairs our team of technicians will respond very quickly, and also our parts and consumables are close to hand.

Print copy scan, I’m still your man!!


My Recommendations

Meet with Ian to discuss my photocopier needs & thought the amount I was spending each month on cartridge inks in the supermarket was normal.
He has sorted me out with a more efficient piece of equipment & I will be spending a lot less each month in Sainsbury's as well as not having to rush up there at 10.00pm to get a new cartridge as one had just run out.
Further more Ian was patient in explaining how the machine worked and was on hand when needed. Great service , thank you .

from Roger Howes

Ian really is the man! He was kind enough to consider my needs and suggest the best printer for me based on amount of printing, despite the fact that it wasn't one of his printers because I don't need it...real integrity! He also had a look at my broken printer for me to see if he could fix it. A real gem of a man!

from Cemanthe McKenzie