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XILANT-XO Fire & Security Systems
65 Westmeads Road
Everyone needs a fire extinguisher, they just don't know they do. In particular, I would like to talk to construction workers/companies.

Business Description

Xilant-xo provide fire extinguishers and associated products to both the commercial and domestic market. Our main product is the Firexo fire extinguisher which is unique to the market.  A Firexo is an all in one extinguisher which can be used on any type of fire.  From a 500ml mini can to a 9Ltr extinguisher, we can cover most situations.  If you need 1 or a 100 extinguishers drop me a message or better still head to our online shop.  www.xilant-xo.co.uk.

To find out more about how I can help you or just to get to know me more, book a 1-1 for a coffee and chat.


My Recommendations

Jacqui is extremely easy and pleasant to deal with, very efficient and organised.

from John Lawton

Thank you for the admin task you done to help me, Jacqui really is worth her weight in gold.

from Spencer McNamara

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