Peter Kemp, Dataflair Intergrated Business Systems Ltd

The White House
Daisy Street
WV14 8QQ
I’m interested in talking to IT Support Providers, Accountants and Business Financers who might be aware of companies with Business System Pains.

Business Description

As modern low code - low cost software developers, we utilise the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to create cross platform software solutions providing integrated business solutions for PC : Server, Web and Mobile Devices.

Our key selling points are:

      Rapid Design and Development and Systems Integration, leading to Lower Cost.

      An extensive development library of solutions. Including:

           Accounting Sales Purchase and Nominal

          Stock Inventory, Sales and Purchase Order Processing

          Business Front Ends:  Import/Export, Manufacture, Stock Holding, Rental, Fleet Maintenance, Vehicle Sales...

We make all parts of your business talk together. Enabling the right information to be available in the place at the right time.