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Green Olive Utility Ltd
Member of the York-North BoB Club

Green Olive Utility Ltd Energy Consultant
Danum Road
YO10 4LE
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Business Description

You need to secure the best deal on offer when your business utility contracts are renewed, but for most businesses this is impractical. It simply takes too long to contact all the supply companies to obtain a quote. There are also many other suppliers that you simply would not have access to. You can end up choosing the first offer made, or even worse, falling into the 'roll-over trap'. This is where you do not issue a cancellation for your current contract and are automatically rolled over onto a new contract on much higher rates.

At Green Olive Utility we offer a complete procurement package; we manage your contracts from start to finish, and negotiate the best rates available when your contracts are due for renewal.

With Green Olive Utility on your side, you save money because of our huge buying power and full market comparison.
There's no hassle as our 3 step approach makes the whole process easy.

And its not just businesses, we can help households save money too via our price comparison site - www.gosave.info