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I would thoroughly recommend Hedley. Hedley has recently done some work on a couple of profile photos for me and I'm so pleased with what he has done. I thought the photos that I took were OK but Hedley has made me sparkle in them :) I will definitely be looking to work with Hedley again to change my website photos to make them reflect me more. Thanks Hedley :)

Hedley is an absolute master in his field. He has managed to do the unthinkable and make a burial ground look appealing! I would, and will, be working with him again, of that I am certain.

You are generous with your knowledge and skills, great advice offered
Thank you, Hedley

by John Hart

Before visiting Hedley's studio, I was using a photo that I took on my phone to represent my business on BoB, LinkedIn, and other platforms. At the time I thought it was pretty good. My mind was quickly changed when Hedley presented me with the 'winning' headshot out of several he took of me. The difference in quality is immediately noticeable. It looks natural and professional and makes me wonder why I originally thought that I could appear professional online without a professional photograph. Thanks Hedley!

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