Privacy Policy And Protection Of Personal Information

The following companies who operate BoB clubs:

  • Business over Breakfast Ltd T/A BoB Clubs 
       and the following authorised licence operators/JV Partners including:
  • Business over Breakfast (North-West) Ltd
  • Coachworkz Inc (in Canada)
  • 1458837 Alberta Ltd (in Alberta, Canada)
  • BoB Clubs Canada (Ottawa, Boston an NYC)
  •  Networking South East Ltd T/A BoB clubs SE (SE UK)
  • 121 Networking Ltd (Suffolk/Nth Essex)
  • Business over Breakfast Ireland Lt T/A BoB Clubs Ireland
  • BoB Clubs Texas
  • BoB Clubs Latvia
  • BoB Clubs Yorkshire Ltd

Adhere to the Privacy Statement of Business over Breakfast Ltd for the collection and use of personal information. The only information that will be shown on each Business over Breakfast club members profile is information provided by the member. Should a member not wish selective information to be shown on their profile on the website they can indicate this on their application form. All members have password protected access to the and and are able to login and amend any/all details that  appear on the public pages of our website/s. Should a member resign or not renew their annual membership their profile information will automatically be removed from the website. We will not share your personal or business information with any other person, organisation or website. Should any member information be shown on any other website we will take appropriate legal action against the owner of that website domain. All members agree that they are willing to accept all emails from both the Country directors or Licencees/Franchisees who are responsible for the club that the member belongs to. All members agree to accept emails from BoB clubs head office.

Please Note: No credit/debit card or bank details are kept or stored by Business over Breakfast Ltd or their authorised licence/franchise operators as all card transactions are handled by PayPal or other card processing companies, whose payments systems are integrated into the ( and all other domiains including .ie, .ca, .us, .ie, & ) websites. Therefore, PCI compliance is the responsibilty of PayPal

Please note: Business over Breakfast Ltd may pass certain details about you (i.e. your name, company, address and email address) to it's partners who fulfil applicable relevant services - in all cases the partners have an agreement with Business over Breakfast Ltd that they will NOT pass your details to a third party without your consent. You understand and agree that Business over Breakfast Ltd is not responsible or liable for any actions taken by its partners in respect to any data shared or services provided either as part of the subscription service or any other services the partner may provide.