Recommendations that David Rhodes has given

by Eric Sigsworth

After receiving a quote for 5,000 leaflets from Eric I was concerned that he had made a mistake as the quoted price was considerably lower than the other printers I had approached. However there was no mistake, his prices are incredibly competitive.

When I received the leaflets they were as good if not better quality than the previous printer had provided. I thoroughly recommend Eric's printing services.

by Dave Watson

I have known Dave since 2011 and have benefited from both formal and informal coaching during that time, have attended his 'Capturing New Clients' workshop and have gained from his wisdom whilst attending BoB Club meetings.

May people question the benefits of business coaching, looking instead at the cost and worrying about whether they get a return. You should have no worries about getting a return on your investment if you are being coached by Dave, he challenges what you know to be 'true', how you market your business and helps you develop common sense strategies and solutions to help you grow your business. I thoroughly recommend his services.

by Andrew Rowdon

I recently went on a tour of India with my partner to India organised by Andrew.

Andrew provided help and assistance at all stages of the tour, from booking the flights to applying for a visa. When we arrived in India all aspects of the tour was organised from a chauffeur for the week to tour guides, hotel bookings and local representatives ready and willing to help you and guide you in each location though the minefield of travelling through India.

We travel independently on a regular basis but certainly would not have considering touring India without Andrew’s assistance. Instead we had an unforgettable week and life experiences, seeing the jaw dropping Taj Mahal, awesome forts and palaces of the Maharajah's and the overwhelming sight of majestic tiger in the wild.

If you want to organise a unique luxury holiday, I would thoroughly recommend that you utilise Andrew's service.

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