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I should like to recommend Karen Creswell for the sterling support that she has provided to Wharf Financial Services this year. At Wharf we have high ambitions to distinguish ourselves from the competition and significantly grow our new business. But whilst we have the vision, Karen has the roadmap. The journey has been hugely enjoyable with Karen to date, and as our website shows she has become a key member of our team. Thank you Karen!

I should like to recommend Karen Cresswell for the expert support, advice and guidance that she has provided for Wharf Financial Services over the last few months. More than a consultant, Karen has become an indispensable member of the team, and one that we are delighted to have on board. Thank you Karen !

Non member recommendations

i used Karen’s professional skills when I had first established my business and her guidance and practical support was personalised and dedicated.
I recommend Karen to any startup business and established business that needs a reboot.

by Victoria Sheridan from The Secret Calm

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