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by Martin Rawstron

I find Tracy a very good, considerate networking leader who will not hesitate to help any business with their marketing plans and aspirations. Through her network of contacts this is a massive help to small, medium and large businesses alike. All the best for 2017 Tracy.

by Allan Foulkes

Tracy gave me a cracking introduction to her Wealth Manager.
We will look forwards to discussing further business and Paul was super helpful

by Lesia Szczur

Earlier this year, I attended a networking workshop which Tracy ran:- How to be an elite networker. The session was very useful and Tracy made the workshop interactive, which made it much more interesting. I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone who currently networks as you will certainly pick up some new tips!

by Martin Ashcroft

I have been a member at the Ramsbottom Bobs club since it started and prior to that at the Rawtenstall club

Both clubs have been under the stewardship of Tracy and both have provided Cowgill Holloway with an excellent source of referrals

The clubs that Tracy runs are very friendly and do not provide any pressure to guests or members to find referrals

On a personal note I have acted for Tracy for over 2 years and found her to be extremely had working and professional - I have no doubt that the new training venture will be a success

by Alison Driver

I am a member of two of Tracy's clubs, a testimonial in its own right! I find Tracy's energy and enthusiasm infectious so early in the morning. It creates an energy in her groups which makes them very attractive to visitors, consequently creating increased opportunities for new business for members.Tracy is always professional and works consistently for the benefit of her club members.

by John Friend

Tracy works extraordinarily hard to ensure the success of the BoB clubs she organises and the Ramsbottom Club is a credit to her tenacity and her dedication. The atmosphere and mood of the meeting every other Wednesday makes getting up early well worthwhile and the business transacted and the introductions given, provide an excellent return on the investment in membership. Business networking at its best and with Tracy at the helm BoB North West can only go from strength to strength.

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