Recommendations that Jason Goodlad has given

by Richard Hudson

I would thoroughly recommend Richard and Dick van Bike. He serviced my bike on a silver service and it came back better than ever. Very professional service and an absolute fantastic job done.

If you need to bike servicing and to gain the very best from it Richard is your man.

Fantastic business, would recommend to all.

Sevvy was fantastic, my wife and I have talked about setting up our will since my eldest son was born and he is 13 this year. My wife is quite emotional but Sevvy was brilliant and explained everything very well and had great manner which even made my wife smile. So I would highly recommend Sevvy and his services.

by Adam Wootton

Having attended one of Adam’s Sales training courses at Wolverhampton racecourse. I can fully recommend his services. He gave great insight and really challenged what you have always done and encouraged the group to challenge each other around our sales tactics, pitches and closing. It has made a huge difference to my business and It’s gaining some great results.

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