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Business Description

The Drop The Knife Community Interest Company has been incorporated in order to deliver a cohesive educational programme on anti-knife crime into Primary, Secondary Schools, Colleges, and community-based organisations across the United Kingdom.

The impetus to start up this CIC came from Will Flint the CEO who was stabbed 12 times in 2017 and on his recovery decided that he needed to work on a project to prevent young people from getting into gangs and Knife crime. Will has been on BBC1 breakfast time and a number of other programmes across the networks. We have also been on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Hereford.  (Please see the video on the website below of Wills ordeal).

We have developed a story/play for Primary schools, and have designed an immersive virtual reality experience for senior schools and colleges. This will enable young people to experience being offered a knife and the various endings that will result depending on whether the young person decides to take the knife or not.

As part of this integrated programme of activities we are also developing a comprehensive database of all youth, sports, and community organisations so that young people and parents are able to link up with these organisations thus redirecting young people away from gangs and knife crime, giving these young people the chance to develop a positive role in society.  

We will also be working with families of knife crime victims to help them recover from the trauma that has occurred in their lives. We will be working with other Charities to help young people with mental health issues to prevent them from getting into gangs and knife crime. For every 100 children we can prevent from getting into the criminal justice system we can save the government £8m per year. We need to raise £1.5m in order to make this project work across the UK

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