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Business Description

We are Jackie & Nicola from Danton HR -  two Worcestershire-based HR specialists with over 40-years of combined industry experience and a shedload of passion to boot.

After HR careers spanning a range of industries and organisations, we’ve spent the past 8 years advising SMEs with everything from recruitment to dismissals, and all the varied situations that face business leaders and managers along the way.

We’re incredibly driven about delivering for our clients because we’re genuinely passionate people. Give us a ring to say hello and you’ll see what we mean.

We’re very approachable and we’ll call a spade a spade but we pride ourselves on our straightforward, comprehensive advice that skips out unnecessary jargon. Instead, we provide practical next steps you can start as soon as you put down the phone.

It’s our expertise and breadth of experience that will answer your questions with accuracy and foresight. But it’s our energy, warmth and unfailing sense of humour that will make us your HR partners.

Our careers have taken us through a range of complex cases from start to finish – and now we’re here to help you navigate those moments, whenever you need us. Whether it’s a one-off scenario or a long-term project, we’ll take the pressure off, so your business can move forwards with confidence.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Our ‘Retained’ support is an affordable way to access unlimited specialist advice at any time. We offer the reassurance of anytime assistance; an invaluable safety net for SMEs walking the tightrope to business growth and success. We’ll also keep your contract templates and handbooks up to date all for a reasonable monthly fee.

No HR department? No problem. For those who need a team to take on the full A-Z of their HR needs, we’re here. We offer complete outsourced HR support, specifically built around your business and its employees.

We guide you through specific situations from Day One to ‘It’s done’. Whether it’s getting the basics right, like contracts and handbooks, or more complex redundancy or restructure processes, we’re here to help.


Our Team

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