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Marketing & Business Automation, saving you time, money & resources.

Hi, my name is Paul Walsh of One Tap Marketing Automation, thanks for visiting my Profile.

If you are tired of using multiple pieces of software and paying multiple monthly subscriptions to run your business then we have the answer to your pain.

Using our software you can replace all the below software with just one login and one monthly subscription.

CRM System (Pipedrive, Salesforce Etc)

Our software replaces the main functionality of all the above software tools BUT with just one login and more importantly one monthly subscription cost.

What's included?

  • Client Portal Software
  •  Advanced File Exchange
  •  CRM / Client Management
  •  Advanced Form Builder
  •  No-Code Automation Builder
  •  Custom Client On-Boarding
  •  Appointment Scheduling
  •  Project Management
  •  Time Tracking & Billing
  •  Cloud-Based Proposals
  •  Estimates & Invoicing
  •  Documents & eSigning
  •  LMS Learning Management
  •  Custom Embeddable Forms
  •  Email & Drip Marketing
  •  Real Time Team Chat


What are the benefits to me and my business?

Cost savings: With one piece of software, you only have to pay for one subscription fee, which can be much cheaper than paying for multiple subscriptions. You can also save on the costs associated with managing multiple subscriptions, such as time spent on tracking and renewing them.

Streamlined workflow: Using one piece of software means that all your data is in one place, making it easier to manage and access. You can streamline your workflow by automating repetitive tasks, reducing the time and effort required to perform them manually.

Increased efficiency: By using one piece of software, you can reduce the number of tools and systems you need to use, which can save time and increase efficiency. You can also avoid the hassle of switching between different applications and learning how to use each one.

Better collaboration: When everyone on your team is using the same software, it's easier to collaborate and share information. You can also avoid the problems that arise when different team members use different tools and systems.

Better data security: Using one piece of software can also improve data security. With only one system to manage, you can ensure that your data is secure and protected. You can also simplify data backups and disaster recovery planning.

Give yourself more time to grow your business by doing the right things and let us automate a lot of the tasks you hate doing, contact me for a chat now.