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Hubertus UK Beer, Wine & Spirit Importer
Hubertus House
Dene Street
Do you know a small bar that is looking for an award winning beer and a personalised service to grow their business?

What's Happening?

Business Description

Since an early age I have wanted to create my own future. In the late eighties I started this journey for real by starting my first business with my business partner. Over the next fifteen years we grew that business to occupy three sites and traded in seven different countries around the world. The turnover was something I had only dreamed of all those years ago. 

Since this time Michael has been involved in a number of companies that wanted to expand their markets into new areas. Michael’s tenacity and ability to communicate at all levels has ensured that this has happened. 


My Recommendations

I've purchased several bottles of beers from Michael, although I don't drink myself, my husband loves the beer and we have given bottles to friends as gifts and everyone has commented on how much they enjoy it too!

from Soraya Anderson

I had a visit from my parent from New Zealand and my father does like a cold beer in the garden. I brought some Hubertus Pilsner as my father does like to try foreign beers. He is a man in his 70's and has tried many beers in his time and he feels, Hubertus (RED) is one of the BEST Bpilsners he has tasted :)

from Martin Fowler

Accreditations & Qualifications

To legally distribute alcohol products in the Uk all importers and wholesalers need to have an AWRS certificate. For information regarding our registration please contact our office or get in contact via our website; http://www.hubertusuk.com/