Sarah O'Sullivan, One 2 One you matter; Well Being services

One 2 One you matter; Well Being services Counselling & Psychotherapy
56 Cheswood Drive, Minworth
56 Cheswood Drive, Minworth
Sutton Coldfield
B76 1YE
Health and well ness specialist nurse, aiming to connect with schools, faith communities and corporate teams to support health at work and home.

Business Description

1. Well- being Psychotherapy 1:1   'One 2 One You Matter' is  a well being, coaching and consultancy business for

the  whole family and corporate teams.

2. Coaching 1:1   Offers confidential and non-discriminatory service  to help improve lifestyle and                                              addictions using a Cognitive Behaviour Approach.  provision                                     

3. Training and Consulting for schools and corporations  offers bespoke training packages to suit your needs. 

4. Provides bespoke training to schools and INSET training 

5. Provides anxiety  management for teenagers and adults in group wellbeing sessions weekly

6. Provides depression management  for teenagers and adults in group  wellbeing sessions weekly

7. 1 : 1 counselling / Psychotherapy for all, non- judgemental approach and holistic and bespoke.'One 2 one' is here for you when you are ready for support, guidance and training to support yourself or your teams. 

'One 2 One You Matter' aims to provide an holistic and bespoke service to meet your  individual needs. Achieving this by listening to your needs, working collaboratively with you and providing tools for your to develop your cognitive skills, motivational skills and provides resources to enable you to make choices, move forward in your well- being and reach your goals and overcome and manage any obstacles in your future.

'One 2 One You Matter' sees all their clients as individuals and treats people with respect, dignity. Empowering people they work with to make better lifestyle choices and live their best life. 

The service aims to support you where you are at and  encourage and  support you to meet your needs .  The service aims of offer Hope in challenging times and a chance for you grow and develop and One 2 One will help you to set  your specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound goals.  

Looking forward to working with you. 


Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Registered  Sick Children's nurse in Paediatrics (RSCN- Working with young people and children 9-18 years) 
  • Diploma in respiratory Medicine with children and adolescents
  • Intentionally mentoring young people (certificate)
  • Registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN) Bsc (Hons) in School Nursing gaining a 2:1. 
  • Registered and accredited Psychotherapist speciality- Cognitive Behaviour Therapist ( accredited with British Association of Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapists BACBP). 
  • 20 years experience with children and adults in healthcare, education, social care and mental health in various roles. 
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