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The Women & Families Resource Centre

The Women & Families Resource Centre Womens Charity
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3 Chapel Ash
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Business Description

The WFRC is a registered charity based in Wolverhampton which develops programs, projects and activities that support, educate and empowers women, girls and families. We actively encourage women to be self-reliant, by empowering them to identify their own needs and create their own solutions to the problems and challenges they face. Our services are available to all women regardless of background, age, race and social status.

Many of the families we work with come from vulnerable, disadvantaged and deprived communities which face poverty and multiple problems such as domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, honour based violence, forced marriages, depression, family relationship breakdown, immigration issues, female genital mutilation, drug and alcohol misuse, disability, mental health issues, long term illness or other health problems, unemployment, debts and homelessness. No two women or families are ever the same. The only things they have in common are usually feelings of despair, hopelessness, fear, distress or some even feel suicidal. These periods of crisis and challenges are very crucial and delicate as they could either strengthen their resilience or break them down completely.

Recent reports nearly one in three children and young people were growing up in poverty – the second highest level in the West Midlands.  One in three people are in receipt of incapacity benefits because of poor mental health – the highest rate in the Black Country.

We work with many partners in the city, complementing each other’s work in order to effectively and efficiently address the needs of the most vulnerable individuals amongst our communities. Over the period 2015/2016, a total of 883 people (out of 1,128 enquiries made) received a service from the Women & Families Resource Centre in Wolverhampton. Among these beneficiaries, 461 received an individual service while 422 attended groups facilitated by the organisation.