Birmingham & Black Country BoB Clubs

Join THOUSANDS of business owners participating in one of the world's largest business networking organisations. The members of BoB Clubs are creating essential new business connections and opportunities for local businesses throughout Birmingham and the Black Country

How will joining BoB Clubs help my business?

Being a BoB Clubs member is one of the best ways to help you build a better business. We help you create meaningful relationships, leading to opportunities to take your business to the next level; making it more profitable, more effective and more successful.


Members of your BoB Club become your volunteer sales and marketing team, actively seeking new business opportunities and referrals for you and your business.


What's so special about BoB Clubs? Our structured, supportive fortnightly meetings are a great place to gain practical advice and learn valuable business skills while raising the profile of your business.


Word of mouth recommendation & referral is and will remain the best way to win new business.

BoB Club Members

What's happening now?

News from BoB Clubs UK

The directors of Business over Breakfast Ltd attended the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in July 2013 in recognition of the overseas success that BoB Clubs have had in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Edgbaston Club member Paul Spicer renews his annual membership for the 13th year - read his testimonialMore News about BoB clubs Worldwide.....

Why join a BoB Club?

  • Exclusive Membership - there will be no competition in your business category
  • Meetings every TWO weeks - not weekly, meaning you have time to run your business
  • Low cost membership - professional networking at an affordable price
  • Friendly and relaxed - structured but not regimented or strict
  • Pressure-free referrals - quality is valued over quantity
  • Considerate subbing - if you can't attend a meeting, think before sending a sub (no member competitors)
  • 20+ local business members - access to their networks of clients and contacts
  • Valued member relationships - BoB Clubs are communities
  • Top quality Membership Pack - additional membership benefits including useful online training videos

BoB Clubs Opportunities

BoB Clubs are expanding throughout the UK, Canada, New Zealand Australia, the USA, India and Latvia. As our meetings are held every two weeks, you could easily run a BoB Club alongside your existing business - gaining valuable referred business from your members, while earning a worthwhile residual income from new members and renewals.

You will be given full training and have access to our unique online administration and marketing system to ensure that running BoB Clubs does not impact on your own business. Please drop us an email to or call Geoff Cox on 07971-258514 for an informal chat, to request more information or to hear about UK opportunities and vacancies

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