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Company:Business over Breakfast
Category:B-2-B networking clubs
Address:Village Hotel Maidstone
Castle View
Forstal Road
ME14 3AQ
Telephone:07702 783233
Mobile:07702 783233
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Business Description

BoB Clubs creates a secure and successful business networking environment for members to cooperate and exchange referrals. Members actively seek and create opportunities for each other.

You and your business will thrive during your professionally structured meetings where you feel welcome, trusted and respected, whilst building confidence and potential business and profits.

You are encouraged to focus on quality referrals, not quantity, leaving you free to network without any undue pressure.

Constant support is on hand to help you save time, earn more money and beat your competition.


Our Team

View Ian Morgan profile Ian Morgan
B-2-B networking clubs
07702 783233
07702 783233

View Karen Cresswell profile Karen Cresswell
Business Growth Specialist
01622 817029

View Laurie Adey profile Laurie Adey
Utilities Consultant
07815 186898

View Paul Sweeney profile Paul Sweeney
Will Writing and Estate planning
01883 372737
07932 172020

View Roger Howes profile Roger Howes
Card Processing
07947 638937
07947 638937

View Sean Rustrick profile Sean Rustrick

View Trevor Smith profile Trevor Smith
Travel agent
01622 807920
07942 140781