Charity in Barrowcliff and Eastfield two areas of high deprivation in Scarborough - Sparks Project CIO

Company:Sparks Project CIO
Address:30 Wreyfield Drive
YO12 6NN
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Business Description

Our aim is that our hard-to-reach communities who distrust government agencies and statutory bodies can access effective help when they need it. We help people practically and emotionally, making connections and sparking change in communities. We are approachable, give time & hope and we make a difference.

We are based in the heart of these communities and in 5 years we have become a trusted community organisation delivering crisis support and life coaching and counselling including:-

  • Food and emergency supplies
  • Health and wellbeing and support to improve mental health
  • Suicide prevention 
  • Helping resolve issues such as debt, claiming benefits and budgeting
  • Practical life skills such washing, cleaning, cooking healthy meals, money management, gardening and DIY
  • Parenting skills, helping family’s better care for and look after their children.
  • Support to reduce alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Group sessions that support practical skills and reduce social isolation a massive factor in mental health.

Our Team

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