Julia Crawford, People Pillar Ltd

People Pillar Ltd Human Resources Consultant
49 Castle Road
CT21 5HN
Small business MDs employing 25 or more people. I also want to build relationships with accountants, solicitors, business coaches & H&S professionals

What's Happening?

Business Description

Pragmatic HR support to growing start ups and established SMEs who are looking to create an even better place to work.

I can help small businesses in a number of ways:

✪ I can make your HR paperwork disappear saving you time and money in your HR admin by setting you up with an easy and affordable cloud-based HR System (from as little as £10 per employee per month).  You can then access your employee information anywhere from any device.

✪ I can jump in when two employees have a major falling out by using mediation to talk through their issues.  

✪ I can give advice when one of your team goes off sick on a long term basis by helping you support and manage them back to work. 

✪ I can carry out a HR audit of your existing policies and practices.  In the first instance, I would recommend my free 5 minute health check (head over to peoplepillar.co.uk to complete it). Depending on how you score, you might find a more in depth audit useful to see what you are doing well and where you have some gaps.

✪ I walk you step by step through the redundancy process or if you need to make some changes to your structure using an approach that works for your business.  

✪ I can provide a fresh approach if you find yourself saying ‘we have always done it like that’.  You might even be able to stop doing HR processes that don't add any value to your business such as annual appraisals. 

✪ I can sort out your contracts and policies to ensure you are legally compliant following the Government changes in April 2020.  I can review what you have in place or I can provide you with a tailored contract if you are employing your first employees.

✪ I can create bespoke training for your people managers on topics such as absence, disciplinary, HR investigations. 

✪ I can help you bring the right person into your business when you are ready to recruit.  

✪ I can create an employee handbook that brings to life your culture and ways of working.  No one likes reading boring policies (I certainly don't) but there are some bits of information that employees find useful.  So why not create a handbook that covers off the employee information part whilst also them what it's like to work for your company.

These are just a few examples.
Email me on julia.crawford@peoplepillar.co.uk to talk through what I could do to support you and your business or visit Peoplepillar.co.uk for full details and more information.

Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Chartered Fellow of the CIPD
  • Masters in Human Resources Management
  • Post graduate certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Change
  • Business Studies with Psychology Degree