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Atula Technologies Ltd. Custom Software, Web & Mobile Applications
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I am looking for an introduction to any SME who is looking to build a custom mobile and / web app / software to meet certain business needs

Business Description

My wife, Soumya, and I always have had the insatiable desire to do something satisfyingly different :-)

The 1st Call


Following an early career in India in different cities, we got married in 2001. Soumya is a visionary and started to help her father in his business as a florist since 1997. She established a nationwide network across 52 cities. This was our backbone - the fulfilment network. Her friend and I built the e-commerce engine to build India's first e-commerce business specialising in "Flowers and gifts" .

Because BIG companies like Rediff.com, and Indiatimes.com had access to Non-Resident Indians abroad, we served as their fulfilment partners to serve these NRIs (Non Resident Indians)  by delivering our flowers and gifts to their near and dear ones in India. The partnership flourished.

Our flowers were imported through the country's largest reverse auction center in Bangalore - similar to Amsterdam). The flowers used to come from the Netherlands and from other florist growers around India

Then we came to the UK. Life took over we have 2 lovely boys Varun (20) and Vivek (turning 18 this December). Soumya worked for Lloyds in Bristol and then Sony Corporation in Basingstoke. I worked for Orange (Bristol) and then for HP at Bracknell etc.

The 2nd coming


In the mean while, Soumya found her passion for mastering the art of chocolate and turned into a master chocolatier in 2008. We started Cherish Chocolates, all hand-made and infused with fresh natural ingredients. I made the website myself and orders started to pour in. We were all over the country doing events and won several great-taste awards, all on our own - with no financial backing or support whatsoever. It was only a labour of love. Several thousands of happy customers in the Home Counties. One could find our chocolates on the shelves of Farm Shops, Garden Shops, Deli’s cafes and more.


In 2014, we reached crossroads with enquiries from Selfridges, Harrods and the Cotswold. On the other hand, we had very guilty feeling of having neglected the lads …eventually, we decided to close the business to spend more time with the children.

The Final cut :-)


The next phase was during the pandemic when we started a new chapter with Atula Technologies Ltd. in 2020. We have pledged to help small businesses become more sustainable, resilient, and profitable with a full-service digital agency to deliver all that they would need to have a long-standing and growing business presence with integrated communication strategies.



However, at the BOB Club, we wish to focus on any business who are looking for or can refer us to e-commerce, website, and software and mobile app design and development solutions on world-class platforms and technologies.

Accreditations & Qualifications

1) Partner Member of Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF)

2) Member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

3) Declared as the Finalist for the Digital Innovation Awards category for 2023 by the BBF. This is for our product called EZStay for the Hotels and Resorts / Hospitality Industry in the UK (https://ezstaysolutions.com). It is UK's own innovative and unique guest experience software.