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What's Happening?

Business Description

Developing and improving mindsets, wellbeing & mental health in educational settings, businesses and organisations across the UK

I have been working in primary education as a classroom teacher for over 15 years (including 7 years as SENCo). This is where my passion for developing Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind began. I saw very quickly through role modelling the principles of these two ares of research, how implementing the theories, can impact on an individual's belief, attitude and focus towards learning and life. My mission now, since leaving the full time classroom arena back in September 2018, is to share my knowledge and experiences to empower individuals to think differently and cultivate a passion for learning, no matter what your age or position, whilst improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Now, life is very different. Along with my business partner, Elizabeth Cronshaw Grow Your Mindset has created a whole range of training experiences, workshops and resources for both educational settings and businesses and organisations to access, with a hope of driving the importance of mindset across the North West and beyond!

Educational settings 

As part of Grow Your Mindset's Educational Hub and wealth of experience in schools, I can support staff through training sessions, to develop a firm knowledge of the theory of Growth Mindset and allow them to reflect on the impact their practise has on the children in their classrooms. I coach class teachers to understand how to weave growth throughout their lessons and also to develop them personally as a practitioner. I also deliver workshops to children either across the whole setting or to individual classes on a regularly basis, which are fun and engaging, bringing with me, our 10ft inflatable brain as a stimulus for discussion! It just about squeezes into my car!!!!

Business and Organisation support

For businesses and through Grow Your Mindset's Corporate Hub, I support employees and management to become the best version of themselves. People often think that working with a classroom of 30, 7 years olds is very different, but actually, it can be more familiar that you think!  With my knowledge, skills and interactive strategies, I will support you make the leap to greatness and stay there, whilst other comparable companies are satisfied to remain at good. Engaging with our training programmes I ensure that employers and employees are left inspired, empowered and excited about changes they are going to make to allow not only the business or organisation to become a better place, but for those changes that will affect them personally. I believe wholeheartedly, in human development, also nurturing the mindset of your staff, to allow them to recognise their enormous potential. 


Inspire and Thrive - Starts 10th November 2020: How you doing? Do you lack in motivation? Do you worry about what others think of you? Do you dwell in a world of perfectionism? Do you worry and allow fear to take over? If this sounds like you, that's ok - it's been bloody tough this year, but let's see if we can make some changes, together, with no judgement, so that YOU can feel better about yourself. Get your mojo back and embrace the opportunities that are out there for you! 5 hourly sessions, once a week, same time, same place (zoom!) with a small friendly group of like minded people, working with Grow Your Mindset founder, Gemma Sanchez developing your knowledge of your mindset and the power of choice and change. Book now

GyM Associates - October 22nd @7pm: Grow Your Mindset are expanding and we are on the look out for amazing educators to come and join our team! So are you: Currently a primary or secondary teacher? Left the teaching profession for a new direction? Would love to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? Willing to give us a few afternoons per academic year to help deliver our Mindset Motivation programme? If this sounds as exciting to you, as it is to us or even if you're not sure, but curious, then come and find out more about our plans at our GyM Associate information evening.

Eddie Effort Book Pre-order: Grow Your Mindset are proud to launch the pre-sale and order of the first of five children's books. Eddie Effort is now available to pre-order ready for it's official publication date of 1st December 2020. £9.99 (including P&P/ £12.99 for outside UK) Order here

My Recommendations

Thank you Gemma for an engaging session on mindset with my team. You definitely flicked some light switches.
Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

from Christine Smith

Accreditations & Qualifications

BA with Qualified Teacher Status in the Primary Years 
National Teachers College Middle Leadership Qualification 
Kagan UK Associate Trainer of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures