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Business Description

I have been the business owner of the HR Dept franchise in West Kent for over six years now. The HR Dept brand has been an established name in the SME sector for HR and employment services for over twenty years.

We work on one off projects or run the advice line with HR and employment law solutions, including insurance cover against tribunal claims for SMEs. Advice covers areas of recruitment strategies, onboarding, bespoke HR framework comprising of contracts, handbooks and performance model. The framework is supported through ongoing advice on grievances and disciplinaries, settlement agreements, staff surveys, redundancy solutions, and staff consultations. 

Based out of Hadlow, we work with employers who employ between 1 to 120 members of staff. Our ideal client is any business which employs anything more than 10 members of staff. We work on a retained and pay as you go basis. 

We offer a full service which includes operational support such as bespoke letters, and management of difficult situations both remotely and onsite, as the situation demands.  We also advise on strategic solutions which align with your growth and organisational change as the people needs of a business changes over time. We are able to foresee and guide a client away from pitfalls and thereby #PreventPeopleProblems. 

Having said the above, employing staff is litigious and therefore a matter of high risk for many employers. In the SME sector this means there is a direct impact on your cash flows when you are faced with a tribunal, to the tune of £10K or upwards. Therefore we offer our retained clients the option of tribunal indemnity insurance and legal support through our trusted national partners of twenty years. Our insurers do not base cover on the success rate of your claim. Claim is assured as long as the client has taken our advice. 

It is for this reason, we have repeat clients year after year and our client base continues to grow through word of mouth referrals. We have demonstrated leadership in the SME business sector, by wearing the same T-shirt as our clients!

On a one off basis, we are also able to offer advice and support in the following areas:

 - Sickness management 

 - Occupational health referrals 

 - Staff surveys 

 - Employee benefits suite 

 - Management and staff training 


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