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Company:Susie K Brooks Therapist
Category:Combined Therapist
Address:The Oasis at Birch Tree Cottage
School Lane
Sutton Valence
ME17 3HH
Mobile:07814 083199
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Business Description

I am a Professional Therapist specialising in Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Fears, Phobias and PTSD at all levels of trauma including bereavement, divorce, accidents, psychological bullying, Insomnia etc. Like all good professional I have a 'toolbox' with a number of Therapies to use with you, your clients and those you care about with things that aren't 'right'. Whatever it is, come and talk to me, we all know inside when we or those around us need help, I am a good listener and together we can overcome anything. 

Susie K Brooks

NLP Master- Hypnotherapist - IEMT Advanced Practitioner - Metaphors of Movement - Coach


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Combined Therapist
07814 083199