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Introductions to small to medium business owners who are looking to realise their plans for growth over the next 12 months (funding potentially

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Andrea Morrison is an International Transformational Coach, Mentor, Writer and Tedx speaker, she works with high achieving, ambitious,  kind-hearted professionals, entrepreneurs & coaches sharing with them a straight forward, yet, impactful state of mind understanding, enabling them to free their innate potential and achieve the balance in their lives that they seek. 

Through ‘normal’ conversations that make you think, supplying perspective to create and nurture freedom of mind, Andrea is an enthusiastic coach and mentor, providing a fresh approach to personal development and committed to help you find clarity.

She provides a calm, safe space to share and prompt fresh perspective through conversations that break down that internal resistance to change which will lead you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Working with Andrea enables transformational and sustainable change to occur from within, whilst initially nothing necessarily may change on the outside, your whole experience will start to change. You will begin to see the world literally through ‘fresh eyes’.

Understanding our state of mind and how it impacts our life is an often invisible game changer, those Andrea works with experience increased fulfilment, clarity, freedom, confidence and resilience.  They realise how much they have been constricting themselves and find a freedom that enables them to release their natural abilities and fulfil their potential.