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Business Description

I am Kate Laffargue, a Kent-based artist, producing commissioned art of people, animals, places, or flowers.

My key aim is to produce priceless pictures which capture the most precious aspects of you, your life and your business.

Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

Watercolour Works Wonders

How I can help you

  • Design your own special logo to use on marketing materials (after a thorough consultation with you).
  • Portraiture of individuals and groups
    My unique and bespoke portraits help distinguish you from the rest and can have a very positive effect on your confidence, morale and feeling of belonging.
  • Original, bespoke paintings of animals, flowers and places (including buildings of special interest) etc.
  • For someone who is ill, painting their favourite flower or animal in the hope that it will make a positive difference.
  • For when someone has passed away, I paint their favourite flower or animal to remember them by; something which could be produced on the Order of Service.


Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

How easy is it to commission Kate to do a painting for you?

Very easy!

  1. Contact me using the details on this page. (BoB Club members can send me a referral).
  2. Write down your requirements, in as much detail as possible, what you are looking for; when you would like it by; and the budget you have in mind.
  3. Be prepared to provide several decent photos of your proposed subject (in good light). Please photograph the whole subject (ie. include the feet/ paws) in a relaxed and familiar position if possible.
  4. Send the images to me either via WhatsApp or email
  5. Once I have seen your photos, I will know whether I can help you or not and I will give you a rough estimate of how much it will cost to produce.
    This will be dependent on: the complexity of the painting; how long it is likely to take me to paint; the size of the painting you require; and whether you would also like it mounted and framed.
  6. Consider what size you would like the painting to be and what medium you would like it to be in (ie. watercolour, acrylic or oils).
  7. I paint largely but not exclusively, from photos and I am usually able to advise you as to which photos will be the most flattering or appropriate to use as a reference.
  8. I will modify any aspects you may not be so keen on, if at all possible.
  9. Throughout the painting process, I regularly take photographs which I share with you when appropriate.
  10. I consult with you before, during and after I work on your painting.
  11. Towards the end of the process, I will double check with you that you are 100% happy, before making any final adjustments.*

Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

Please note:

Through my paintings of you, your family, your pets, your home, your business, I seek not just to give your something pleasant and meaningful to look at but also to give you a sense of permanence, a legacy to hand down to future generations.

I always use quality materials (paper, brushes, paints).

Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

See more of my work

This Google Photos gallery shows more examples of the quality of my work.


Kate Laffargue Artist in Canterbury

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See my personal profile for more details about me and my background as an artist.

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