Aidan Oldroyd, Proper Video Ltd

Business Description

Aidan Oldroyd Creative are a full-service, strategy first video marketing company based in Burnley.


We combine innovative video marketing strategies with cinema standard visuals and sound design to help businesses throughout the UK achieve their marketing goals. We don’t do guess work. Ever. We implement proven video marketing strategies and techniques ensuring your videos create a big impact and achieve the ROI that you deserve.



Our Services

Video Marketing 

We learn what you want to achieve and the dig deep to understand your business, market and your audience to create content that will stop them in their tracks and inspire them to take action. 

Video Production 

We oversee every aspect of production from creating a detailed pre-production pack so that you know exactly what your video will look like before we start making it. We then shoot your video in ultra-high-definition and add and motion graphics and sound design to captivate your audience.

Video Activation

Creating highly polished video content does not guarantee success. We help you get your video campaign get seen be the right people. Maximising your ROI.



"There Are Several Reasons I Would Recommend."

We are super easy to work with. In the video below one of our clients share their experience of working with Aidan Oldroyd Creative 



About Me

I’d love to tell you a story that filmmaking has always been a passion of mine and I’ve had a camera in my hand since been in nappies. But that would be a lie. I’m from a typically working-class background where having a job which wasn’t a trade was unfounded. I was naught in school (not the type you want to clip around the ear. The cheeky type). Anyway, I picked up a film production course whilst attending college and it’s from there, that my passion for all things filmmaking, cameras and sound design grew.

I loved creating small videos and film that much I went onto university and graduated with a BA(Hons) in Film Production. I specialised in producing in my final year meaning you’ll find all my projects are organised down to the t. Whilst at university I was very proactive in finding work in the form of music videos. I also had various freelance roles on commercial shoots and feature films.

Upon leaving university I freelances for a couple of difference agencies throughout the north. It was at the beginning of 2019 I decided to incorporate Aidan Oldroyd Creative and give this running a business a go. I haven’t looked back since. We’ve grown from strength to strength. I feel extremely fortunate to absolutely love what I do.

Out of the office you’d find me somewhere in the Lakes, Snowdonia or in the Yorkshire Dales camping and hiking across dales and up mountains. All with my lovely little black lab Ivar.

That’s my life up to now, in a nutshell!