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Your Utility Solution (Utility Warehouse)
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Your Utility Solution (Utility Warehouse) Utility Broker
47 Wash Road
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SME and individual home owners. Savings on utility bills. Simple and efficient.

Business Description

Seeking to help people find freedom in life.

What can you expect?


In 2009 I retired as a Primary School Headteacher. I discovered via my son in law and daughter a way to create my own significant, ongoing, residual income stream and I am now passionate about empowering others to do the same. I help motivated, committed individuals to achieve their full potential in creating this type of extra income (sometimes also called passive or residual income) alongside their existing lifestyle and current work commitments. This releases autonomy to design their own life and achieve the goals they aspire to, as I already do. I’m now enjoying a very different path from my previous career thanks to the residual income stream I’ve have generated part-time. 

• Connect with me if you would like to receive a summary, in a nutshell, of how I have done it
• Connect with me if you looking for a ‘Plan B’ to cover shortfalls in your income or pension
• Connect with me if you already supply services to businesses and want to enhance your offering to include residential customers e.g.trades, telecoms, IT, energy etc.


o Cost reduction
o Enhanced Value for Money
o Bill consolidation
o Personal customer service
o Increased profits or disposable income 
o Reassurance
o Peace of mind

I work with homes and SME’s by providing an honest, free, no obligation assessment of their utility costs. In the main this covers landline and mobile ‘phones, broadband and energy bills as well as general High St. and On-line purchasing. I get paid by the supplier I recommend so it is a win-win arrangement. 

• Connect with me if you would like a free, no obligation ‘check-up’ on your utility costs 
• Connect with me if you simply want to be reassured you are not being over charged 
• Connect with me if you value an honest opinion 

Alan 0773 1638942 or