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I want to help you get more business by creating the best website you could possibly have.

Business Description

Your website is your place on the internet where you can show off all that your business does and consequently gain new leads and earn you more money. Your current website might already be doing that, which is great and if so then you probably don't need to read any more, and I wish you a pleasant day.

However, many websites are underperforming in their primary role as a business tool. There are multiple factors that go into a website, and yours might be excelling in one area but failing in others.

'Web design' - contrary to popular belief - isn't just making your website look beautiful, although that is one small aspect of it.

A web designer should focus on the problems a business is having on the web and then create a solution that sets out to solve those problems - usually this manifests itself in a new website that has been carefully crafted to directly solve said business problems.

Some of these concerns could be:

- Lack of interest in your service or product
- Lack of inbound leads from the website
- Inefficient communication of your core offering
- Not showing to the world all that you do
- Low ranking on search engines

A website is simply a business tool that should help to achieve the goals set out by your business. Here are some features of 'business tools' (websites) that I create:

- Well thought out page structure
- Advanced tracking, so you can accurately spot problem points in your message and website flow
- Automation so you don't have to do as much work to maintain it
- Streamlined User Experience (UX) to improve customer's experience
- Good copywriting so your message is communicated effectively
- Features to help you understand what your customers are really looking for
- Good marketing to bring those customers to you
- Performant hosting and efficient website code to provide your website to users speedily and to gain better traction in Google
- And of course - beautiful design to make you stand out and look professional

What I do is provide that bespoke service where I find out what difficulties your business is facing, and then engaging time-weathered problem-solving skills to each one in order to find a solution. Then I turn that into a website that hopefully ticks as many boxes as possible and ultimately results in your business being more profitable.

I don't know your world inside out, but I know what is important to you is getting more business, so you can earn more money and/or creating the lasting change you want to see in the world that your business might offer.

Over the many years I have been creating websites I've had the unique opportunity to work with many kinds of businesses from small to global in scale. This experience allows me to expertly create the right solution for you using the tools and knowledge I have amounted over the years.

I handcraft websites that achieve business goals, solve business problems, and they don't look too bad either!

I'd be happy to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss your unique set of business concerns and look towards a way of fixing them. Please get in touch.