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I would welcome conversations conversations with both individuals and business owners who would like to reduce running costs in the heating of thier

Business Description

Les Moroney

My name is Les Moroney and my venture into supplying low energy products for heating and hot water is a fairly resent one.

Working alongside a few carefully selected manufacturers I now supply a a solar assisted heat pump for the supply of hot water, and Infrared heating, nether product I had heard of before I started out on this venture, for me this was all the stuff of science fiction and made more difficult by the fact I am not approaching the subject with any practical experience, I am not an ex-heating engineer or plumber, some of the jargon used was and still is lost on me.

My business now is to work with individuals and businesses who are where I was a few years ago, who wish to find an alternative method of heating their building and or supplying it with hot water. whether they are doing it for reasons of being green or simply to reduce energy bills (both are very valid reasons) and are not sure where to start

I my approaching the supply of these products as someone with 35 years of sales experience in a completely different market, however the same values apply, work with your customer, establish their needs and wants and then find the correct solution, explaining things as you go, do not be over technical (in my experience this is something that often happens and is completely unnecessary).

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me.