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Business Description


LM Renewables was set up to offer people energy saving alternatives for systems producing hot water and heating for buildings of every purpose and size, to change the mindset that you must have one system for both water and heating and to prove that there is a viable option to using fossil fuels.

For heating we offer Infrared Heating, a cost-effective low energy sustainable product to heat ether one room or a whole building.

For hot water we have a Solar Assisted Heat Pump, our system provides hot water from fresh air, the sun helps but not essential, all the time the outside temperature is above minus 10 degrees the system will operate perfectly providing hot water day and night in the unlikely event of the temperature dropping lower than minus 10 we have a back up immersion button to allow the system to continue to operate 

All our systems are maintenance free and come with full warranties.

Working with a partner company we also supply Solar panels to complement our product range.

Based in Maidstone Kent the majority of our business is confined to the south east but please do not be put off from talking to us if you are in other parts of the UK as we can normally arrange something for you ether by ourselves or through like-minded companies around the UK.

With Infrared Heating if you just want to order a single heater or two we would  refer you to the website we know this company and recommend their products and are happy to promote them as a reliable, honest efficient supplier.

As of 2024 we are now very proud to say that we have become sponsors of The Wildlife Trust, the trust do amazing work  to protect British Wildlife and have a great conservation program.

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